What’s that song?!

OK, this happens to me all the time. I’m walking through a store (today it happened to be Best Buy) and suddenly I realize I’m nodding my head to the music playing over the store speakers. I try to catch a few words of the chorus, but thanks to the general noise of the store I barely manage a few snippets. I end up walking away slightly annoyed because I know I’ll never be able to figure out what song that was and track it down.

This has happened many times before and it happened again today. The song was being played in Best Buy, it was some hard rock song with female lead vocals (no, it wasn’t Evanescence). I caught something in the lyrics about ‘capturing my heart’ or something to do with ‘my heart’. I know, not too specific, but what can you do?

Anybody know any solutions to my musical dilemma?

UPDATE: (July 19, 2004) It was “Followed the Waves” by Auf der Maur. The line was “my heart lies to you.” I found it after reading about Melissa Auf der Maur’s debut album in Paste magazine. The fact that she played bass for Hole and Smashing Pumpkins made me think she just might be the artist I’d heard in Best Buy. Bingo.

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