Bugs in my Apple

Bugs in my Mac Studio DisplayMy Mac has bugs, though not the kind you might expect. My 17 inch Studio Display has a few little insects crawling around in the translucent and hollow feet. They look like grains of rice in the picture, but they’re definitely insects, and they’re definitely alive. One is frantically crawling around as I type after several minutes of inactivity.

What I want to know is how did the bugs get in there? I can’t see an obvious opening and the insects sure can’t find a way out. They seem to have forgotten how to use their wings and keep trying to crawl up the slippery plastic sides, which isn’t working.

What I’m really concerned about is the insects dying and being on permanent display in the feet of my studio display. How ugly is that? Perhaps this is part of the rationale behind Apple’s new displays.

4 thoughts on “Bugs in my Apple”

  1. That’s the problem with Apple’s clear plastic casing stuff. Josh was having problems with Five’s hairs ending up in his clear keyboard.

  2. I tried rotating my display and moving it around to give the bugs a chance to find another way out — to no avail. Now I have a but in each leg of the display, which on the brightside is a more balanced form of weirdness.

  3. ack! i have the same problem! one dead fruit flie in the bottom right leg, and one (seemingly) giant one inch spider wandering all over the freaking place on the left side! egads. i’m going to look for the docs on how to open this beast up.

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