The Day After

And they were hitched. Abby already posted some pictures, but I wanted to post a few of my own and give ’em my own spin.

This was our first glimpse of the bride. The photographers snuck outside with Tim and Nicole before most of us saw her and started taking pictures. I don’t know if all that sneaking was intentional, but that’s the way it seemed. When I spotted them through the window we started making faces at Nicole, making her laugh during the pictures.

The already but not yet of the wedding day. It came out pretty blurry (which gives it an interesting dynamic), but this one shows the expectation. Get on with it already (this was near the end of the photographing).

Da boys, da boys, da boys. Both Andy and Tim were in my wedding. It was good to get dressed up and be nervous together again.

Together again (where are they now?): Lance (Twin Cities), Tara (Twin Cities, Lance’s girlyfriend) , Andy (East Coast), Kevin (Twin Cities), Abby (Twin Cities), Nicole (moving to Montana), Tim (for the last four months my second bedroom; moving to Montana), Neals (moving back to the Twin Cities in a matter of weeks), Jeremy (Seattle), Nathan (just outside the Twin Cities).

Wait, we didn’t get our picture taken! I almost changed out of my monkey suit without taking any pictures with my wife. This shot grossed Andy out: “Eww!” Of course he kept taking too long, so we just kept kissing.

There’s so much hurry up and wait in weddings. You spend so much time getting dressed up fancy, you spend even more time waiting, then you capture the moment in photographic cell. Then the actual ceremony itself, some fancy food, and it’s over before you know it.

Tell that to my feet. We weren’t expecting the two sermons, and I’d already been on my feet all day. But it could have been worse. I could have been the groomsmen who had to step out and throw up. A flu bug was making the rounds, infecting an entire family in a matter of days. But the inflicted groomsmen made a discreet exit and entrance and hardly anyone knew what happened. Pretty minor snags in a once in a lifetime celebration.

Weddings are odd. So much hassle and work and stress for a day to mark the transition between two and one. It’s such an odd day. It’s the ultimate before and after point, a stuck in the middle day.

So much giddiness and love and excitement. It’s easy for a marriage to slip into the day to day, the simple interactions, the failed sacrifices. You forget the story, as odd as it sounds, you forget your own story that makes your friendship so magical. The very fact you’re together, even if it’s washing the dishes, is amazing. What would you do without?

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