It’s Risky to Be Safe

Blogging is such a weird thing. I love doing it and I claim it’s all for me, but I also want people to read it and enjoy the thought of interacting with people. Sometimes I so want to make money off this thing, but that’s not really the point. Sometimes I think I should start selling ads like somone I know, but is that the direction I want to go? Swapping space for pennies?

I also have to think about this blog in terms of my business. Right now this blog is featured on the home page of my business. Sometimes I wonder how stupid that is. Linking to the Advocate a while back and pondering about gay marriage is a pretty easy way to offend potential business clients.

At the same time, why should I hide what I’m thinking about? It’s not like I’m having these wildly heretical ponderings and reflecting on my wild nights on the town. I’m honestly trying to grapple with issues. I hope potential business clients will understand and respect that.

It’s also risky to be safe. The safe, boring web site that doesn’t grapple with anything, that doesn’t challenge anything, that doesn’t threaten the status quo (even at the risk of being wrong), is the one nobody reads. I’m better off saying what I think, even if I’m still figuring out what I think, even if I might be off, even if it might offend someone — because that daringness and willingness to be myself and figure things out is commendable. At least I hope so.

Or maybe I’m making this blog sound more cutting-edge than it is.

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