Randall Terry’s Son Comes Out

Interesting article in Out, a magazine about (what else?) coming out, about Jamiel Terry, son of Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, coming out about his homosexuality. The full article isn’t online, but there’s some interesting comments there.

Talk about having a black sheep in the family. Randall Terry’s had some bizarre dealings, but this really makes for a tabloid story. I’m especially curious to see where Jamiel stands on Christianity. (I’m even more curious as to why Randall and Jamiel look nothing alike)

Part of the article really made me wonder about the gay lifestyle:

“From a very early age I knew I was different. When I was 4 my favorite female was Miss Piggy. That alone was probably not much of a giveaway, but my soft voice and my mannerisms turned out to be signs that I was gay.”

Why is the stereotypical, flamboyant homosexual such an accepted norm? Why are certain mannerisms and a soft voice signs of homosexuality? These are blatant stereotypes, like southern white males being unintelligent rednecks or urban black males being able to dunk or rap or kick your ass. I expect mainstream media would further these stereotypes, but why would a gay and lesbian magazine promote the stereotype? If it’s a legitimate lifestyle choice, why can’t we move beyond the stereotypes?

3 thoughts on “Randall Terry’s Son Comes Out”

  1. I don’t know if I see much of a connection between stereotypes and legitimacy. If that’s what you’re saying.

  2. Jamiel doesn’t look anything like his father because he was adopted at the age of five.

    I guess that lets the elder Mr. Terry “off the hook” in your eyes, doesn’t it?

  3. Adopted. That makes perfect sense. Ah the power of the Internet, where someone else can do your research for you.


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