More Dreams

After yesterday’s realization about my recurring dreams, I had more freaky dreams last night. This time I had my glasses and I wasn’t back in high school, so they weren’t recurring. But they were freaky.

Dream 1: Ford Motor Company reneged on my dad’s retirement and forced him and half his co-workers to return to work in Connecticut. So much for retirement in Kansas. To top things off, my parents announced they were pregnant.

Dream 2: The whole cancelled retirement quickly turned into some strange coastal village inhabited by the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At one point I was desperately trying to jab the handle of a wooden spoon into a vampire, only to score a number of bruises and minor puncture wounds. Apparently you either need the strength of the slayer or a sharpened stake. I’m not even sure which characters were present, though I vaguely remember seeing Buffy, Willow, Spike, possibly Drusilla, and my wife. I’m not sure I was playing myself, but it’s possible I was either Buffy or Zander. Though I did suck at the vamp staking, so I was probably Zander.

5 thoughts on “More Dreams”

  1. Perhaps if you had shouted “I’m going to cut your heart out with a spoon!” it would have worked?

    Heh, my favorite dream (one of the few I can remember, I forget almost all of them shortly after waking) was when I was Han Solo. Basically, it was me in the Death Star and a bunch of stormtroopers. A few thousand troopers later, I got to kiss Princess Leia after rescuing her, but then my alarm woke me up! :(

  2. I used to have recurring dreams that the Sonny, the Cocoa Puffs bird would chase me around and pin me down and tickle me! Seriously, it was scary. The only way I could get away was to fly away, which I did very slowly of course, and sometimes I wasn’t able to.

    The cool part is that one night before I fell asleep, when I was about 10 or 11, I planned to murder Sonny. So I imagined a knife appearing in my hand as I fell asleep, and I imagined a dream with him in it, and I killed him in my dream, and he never came back. I’m not kidding. He never came back after that.

  3. That’s totally creepy, Josh. Please never imagaine a “dream knife” in your hand when you’re thinking of me! Whoa…

    My biggest freaky dream that totally disturbed me is actually kind of funny looking back now. I used to dream that Michael Landon dressed up in a bear suit and roared at me. He was really fast and was called the “Weepy Willow Bear.” Some man in a big bow tie with a top hat would come and warn me that he was near, then start laughing as I ran for my life.

    Seriously. We’d watch Little House on the Prairie and I’d be like, “THAT GUY IS EVIL! SHUT IT OFF! SHUT IT OFF!” And my dad would send me to my room because, “Don’t you know Michael Landon is a Christian???”

    Well, now that all of you know about my deepest, darkest fears I have nothing left to hide from you. I have revealed it all to you.

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