My role as Jesus has now officially come to an end. Sadly, I was never really able to grow in a full beard. It was spotty at best. But it feels good to be back to normal.

Though if it’s any consolation, one of the junior highers said he planned to grow his own beard for next year so he could play Jesus. That was just before some of the junior high guys were arguing over who had more chest hair. Not much of an argument when “chest hair” is in the singular sense.

One thought on “Beardy”

  1. Sweet! Beardy Kevin. Very nice, man. Although you look very sad in both pictures. If you had smiled in one, and looked sad in the other, it would have made for a really good before-and-after kind of thing. Maybe an ad that beards either make you happy or sad, depending on how you did it.

    Still, that’s a pretty good Jesus. Did they make you take your glasses off?

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