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Sexiest Man Alive in ChristLark News is holding a “Sexiest Man Alive in Christ” poll (bottom of the page, left column). So far “That Blond Guy from DC Talk” (Kevin Max) is really cleaning up, with Michael W. Smith in second. But I think the current third place candidate is really the man for the title: Franklin Graham.
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Other quality Lark News articles include:

Pastor’s wife sends body double to sit pleasantly on front pew:
Unbeknownst to her husband or congregation, Trudy Smith has been avoiding church for two years, sending a look-alike in her place.

Teen seeks missions assignment where women don’t wear clothes:
He adds that if teen boys could work in a place where they were surrounded by “tons and tons of boobs” the ranks of missionaries would swell.

Church halts nursery expansion, opts for condoms:
The condoms are supplied by Holy Sheath, Inc., a Christian condom company based in Blacksburg, Va. Each condom is printed with a verse, such as, “May her breasts satisfy you always – Proverbs 5:19.”

And from the homefronts…

Accountability groups classified as gangs in Detroit:
“On Monday morning, the guys in my group were waiting for me in the parking lot at my workplace with brass knuckles and family-edition Bibles. They worked me over pretty good, and said they’d pray for me.”

Students start ministry to men with ponytails:
“We consider them a distinct unreached people group,” says Bart Nkomo, 23, from St. Paul Bible College. “That ponytail is really a cry for help.”

5 thoughts on “Lark News Fun”

  1. Oh my gosh. Some of that stuff is hilarious. It’s like an Onion that only rips on Christians! Just what… I… wanted?

    Obviously the humor is very effective. I mean, I laughed quite a bit. But, effective at what? Just making me laugh? Sometimes I worry about people whose whole mission is to tease the church. It can be funny, but I wonder if it can be taken the wrong way, or make people dislike the church because it exposes our occasional stupidity.

    I’m not out-and-out condemning such a site because it contains bits of truth. I’m just a little bit concerned in between chuckles.

  2. Another perspective is that of G.K. Chesterton who wrote something to the effect that the man who can laugh at his dearest beliefs is the one who most fully believes them. His point was more evidential than causal (laughing at one’s beliefs not being a way to strengthen them, per se) and like many of his points I find it more “interesting” than necessarily “true.”

  3. Hot Christian Guys

    Update: Left Behind hottie Kirk Cameron has rocketed into second place in Lark News’ “Sexiest Man Alive in Christ” poll, pushing Franklin Graham back down to fourth. Franklin really needs to rally if he hopes to pull this one off….

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