I’m gonna need you to move you to the basement.

Welcome to my office.This is my desk.Behold, the G5.

And that’s my new office. Who needs a desk when you have a flatscreen monitor?

The new setup means someone other than my wife would actually be willing to come into my office with me. It’s a new concept called floor space. And sorry Josh, but I don’t owe the added room to “pinch points.”

(if you’re really bored see how many desk toys you can find!)

4 thoughts on “I’m gonna need you to move you to the basement.”

  1. Dude, that is one kick-butt office set-up. I’m especially glad to see your trusty ol’ BGEA mug sitting right there. Faithful ’til the end …

  2. You know… after further inspection (these are loafers?) I think that you might actually have a subtle pinch point right at the door. Your shelving along the wall does come quite close to the door from what I think those pictures are implying. Hard to tell… maybe that’s semi-pinch. Quasi-pinch. The Diet Coke of Pinch.

    Still, it seems you truly owe the extra room to “lofting theory.” You’ve moved your stuff upwards and crowded the ceiling a bit more so the floor is more free.

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