A Brave New World

As of this sentence, I am a Mac user.

So far it’s been enlightening. My old PC and new Mac are sharing the same desk, sitting side by side, and it’s kind of funny. The Mac definitely kicks the HP’s butt, and not simply because one’s new. My 17 inch display is a work of art. The 17 inch HP monitor is, well, just a monitor.

While the aesthetic experience has been amazing, the practical side of things is going to take a little getting used to. I haven’t had much time to play with anything yet, but I’ve run into two problems.

1) While my e-mail was set up before I even realized it, I haven’t been able to get the message rules to work so Abby’s e-mail is moved to her own folder.

2) I took a picture of my PC/Mac desk and hoped to post it here today, but no luck. The direct approach, plugging our Smart Media card reader into the Mac and accessing it like another disk drive didn’t work. I tried installing the drivers, no luck. I tried going to Lexar’s web site, and discovered that the Smart Media card reader is discontinued, and that the only drivers available were for OS 8.x, which might be my problem. There are other solutions, including putting the pictures on my PC and hooking up my ZIP drive and transferring the photo that way, or networking the PC and Mac and transferring that way, but at this point it will all take too much time. It’s late and I was just hoping for some quick fun.

It’s nothing I’m chalking against the Mac — after all, I’m dealing with a lot of old PC peripherals. You can’t expect them all to work seamlessly. Though it would have been really cool if they did. As for the mail thing, I’ll just have to figure that out.

And I would access my many sources of free Mac help, but time is against me. Alas, tomorrow I go out of town for a week (!) and my new Mac will sit lonely and unused (at least by me — after leaving it alone this evening for a few hours I came home to find it already in use. Hmm… perhaps this is a perk worth raising the rent?).

So come back next week for the continuing saga of Kevin’s Switch story. So far there have been a few bumps, which is to be expected, but all in all, I’m going to need to invest in a drool rag.

Addendum: My wife and I are now surfing the same web site and the same time side by side. How goofy is that? (of course I’m on the Mac! hehehe)

3 thoughts on “A Brave New World”

  1. not only is he on the mac but I am sitting on the floor straining my neck to read the computer screen while trying to keep the dog from eating the keyboard. kevin needs to learn to share.

  2. Nah, you just need to get an iBook and Airport! Heheheeh…

    OK, I’ll stop.

    Kevin, I can help you with any of that stuff. Not sure about the camera stuff yet, but the email stuff is easy.

  3. OK, if you check over here you’ve got a $20 solution to your Smart Media problems. The Smart Media one is available at the Apple Store, or online of course. I highly doubt they would sell it if it didn’t work with Panther.

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