11 thoughts on “Numbered are your days, mmm?”

  1. Any time you can get Andy Fast to comment you know you’re doing something right. ;-)

    Yes sir, I placed an order. I actually placed it last week. Tomorrow at this time I’ll be a Mac user.

  2. Now you just need to film your own “Switch” parody ad and post it on your site!

    I can’t wait to see the pix of the new cornputer … Rock the Casbah!

    And welcome to the Family, Kevin ;-)

  3. It’s only hours away now.

    Dude, I don’t mean to build your anticipation up to a fevered pitch (because nothing really could meet up with what the average Mac user expects to get in the mail when waiting for that Fed Ex truck) but I think you’re gonna love the Mac once you settle in and find your way around a bit.

    Welcome, good sir!

  4. Hours away!? The CPU is sitting in my living room! A crazy schedule and the fact that the monitor isn’t here yet are the only things keeping me from opening it right now.

  5. So Kevin, will you be installing any Microsoft (Office) software on that Mac of yours… or are you going to resist the dark side?

  6. I love how the two Mac guys picked up on the innuendo right away. I was perplexed at first, but then I got it!

    And yes, there is a little feeling of victory when you get Andy to post: the lurker comes forward!

  7. In Neal’s defense I knew ahead of time that Kevin was going to order a Mac and still took me two looks before I figured it out. (Fortunately, its was a slow day at school so I could figure it out)

    And in my defense I read the blogs pretty regularly and I sometimes respond. Unfortunately, I feel an extreme pressure to be inordinately witty or eloquent with my blogs comments and hence by the time its time to do something else I haven’t come up with anything good so I give up. So there…

  8. But Andy, you’re the perfect young man! How could you ever say anything not witty? ;-)

    We need to get you a blog so you can have Storytime with Andy Fast all over again.

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