Side by Side

Well, I haven’t had the time to get the smart media card reader working, but I couldn’t resist posting the picture anyway (I e-mailed it from the PC to the Mac – eh, it works).

In 12 minutes I take off for Michigan. Well, take off for the bus that takes me to the airport that takes me to Chicago that takes me to Michigan. I’ll be helping my parents move. I realized late last night (I never sleep well before big trips) that this will be my last time to go home. This is the house I grew up in. It’s as old as I am.

And I wanted one last chance to say goodbye to my new toy. ;-)

10 thoughts on “Side by Side”

  1. My heart leaps to see it.

    When you get back, let’s see it from some more angles! And a shot of it sleeping, maybe? Maybe tickle it and see if you can get a shot of it laughing and… oh… never mind.

    Still, you must be so proud. It’s so beautiful.

  2. Here’s what I said to Steve when he told me Kevin was getting a mac ….

    I have been witnessing to him for a long time now … and it seems that finally the Lord replaced his heart of stone with a heart of flesh.

  3. Heart of stone with a heart of flesh? Please! He replaced his head with a slab of stone. He paid twice as much for a mac vs PC. Have fun! and the next time you wish to play a fun game, or wish you had internet explorer, better switch back to your PC :-)
    Okay I have to admit that monitor is pretty trick though, makes almost the whole system worth it :-)

  4. Wow, Jeremy…that was a well-researched statement.

    I’ve done searches for iBooks and PC laptops with everything I want, and without fail the PCs have been more expensive EVERY TIME.


    Not to mention that it was my belief you could buy something that would make Windows programs run on a Mac…

    Not to mention that no one likes IE, anyway.

  5. See if you buy a PC for real cheap, but it keeps breaking and you have to buy one every year, then it ain’t so cheap anymore it’s just cheap … and never as cool.

    Or as Steve likes to say kewl. ;-)

  6. To defend my good name I must point out that the “Jeremy” above is not me, Jeremy Keillor. It could have been my evil twin who takes over when I think I’m sleeping, but not the lucid, normal me.

  7. Get over yourselves Mac Apostles. Any comparable Mac to the one I put together last summer has been way more expensive, and Jeremy is right: Macs don’t have as many programs for them, which isn’t the end of the world.

    Jeremy’s just reacting to your blatant over enthusiasm: you’re beginning to sound like a bunch of blind missionaries! ;)

  8. Most Mac comments are said with a wink and a smile …

    I mean who really thinks having a mac is like being redeemed? …. No one I hope.

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