Treason season started early this year

OK, this isn’t a confusing current event, more like a heart-breaking event that I just read about while checking the news. Two American M-16 rifles were recovered today from captured Iraqis. The rifles belonged to two U.S. soldiers who were reported missing June 25 and found dead June 28. Some of their personal items were found in a house-to-house search on June 27.

I don’t remember hearing about this story back in June, but this seems to be more than a typical killed in action situation. These two U.S. soldiers were taken captive and killed. Those are pretty intense guerrilla tactics. Usually it’s inflict as much damage as possible, which would usually mean killing those soldiers as soon as possible. But the fact that they were abducted is disturbing. It’s one thing for guerrillas to sneak and pick off a few soldiers, maybe detonate a remote bomb. But to have the force or the guts or the element of surprise to actually take members of the greatest armed forces in the world hostage is a bold move.

That says to me that something is wrong. These two soldiers were obviously out-matched. To me, that’s a clear-cut case of either poor planning or not enough troops on the ground in Iraq. Either way, it’s not cool.

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