The administration has declared recycling a felony and Smokey the Bear is now Choppy the Lumberjack.

OK, I’m a bit confused about two current events.

The first is the one that’s been all over the news today, Robert Novak’s July Chicago Sun-Times column based on a White House leak that blew a CIA operative’s cover. Though Novak says, “There is no great crime here,” (CNN) the potential leak could be a felony. Two things confuse me on this one: 1) If this is such a big deal and the column appeared in July, why are we just hearing about it now. 2) If this is such a big deal, why isn’t Novak in trouble for publishing the link.

Second confusing current event is this who no-call list fiasco. The courts are holding it up because telemarketing calls are a protected first amendment right? Being irritating and annoying is a first amendment right? That is mind-boggling.

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