Hey, Miss Doesn’t-find-me-attractive-sexually-anymore: I just tripled my productivity!

Today was a productive day. I should have done my day in the life of the unemployed today. It would have been so much more impressive. I finished the templates and basic coding for a web site I’m designing. I began the initial work on a freelance project, getting the ball rolling on several fronts. I also found out about a potential new freelance project. I fired off some more networking e-mails. I had our boiler inspected and we turned on the heat for the first time. I fixed the doorbell and vented my radiators, which involved a trip to the hardware store (a dreaded killer of productivity). I washed the dishes, picked up all the crap coating our downstairs, and took the dog outside numerous times. For a while this afternoon I was listening to NPR (starting with Howard Dean’s appearance on Talk of the Nation [wait — can you “appear” on radio?]), and I think somehow that makes your day feel more productive.

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