In your face Flanders

The other day I mentioned that I need a weed-whacker. A friend of mine (and fellow homeowner) mentioned that he’s managed to scrape by without one. He says for a while the weeds look terrible, but if you can just ignore it, the weeds will grow so long they’ll bend over and look fine. That’s certainly an approach I hadn’t thought of.

Part of me wants to just share a weed-whacker with my neighbors. At least four households come in contact with my yard, and you’d think between those five lawns one or two weed-whackers would be sufficient. Do we really need five? I know it’s the American way, but maybe it’s not the best way.

I’d also love to know if there’s a non-motorized equivalent to the weed-whacker. I like my yard being combustion-free, and I’d like that trend to continue. Of course I don’t want to edge my yard with a pair of scissors. I don’t think I’m quite that stubborn.

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