Snowball II

Last night we had a visitor to our back porch. We looked up from watching a movie to see a gray and white cat sitting at the screen door. We paused the DVD and went to the door. The cat freaked out and backed off, walking with this strange convulsive dipping motion. Wary, the cat backed off onto our deck, but slowly came back as I opened the screen door. Abby went to get a dish of water, and while I crouched next to the partially open door, the cat actually tried to waltz right in. When I would move or approach it, the cat would take off warily. But when I just sat there the cat wanted to come in, and I actually had to push it back.

Unfortunately the cat took off when we tried to come out onto the deck with it. But I’m hoping the cat will be back. I’d love to have a stray outdoor pet. One way or another I’ll get a cat.

Of course that will last until we get a dog.

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