I used to like Michael Moore.

You know, I used to really like Michael Moore. His work on Roger & Me was astounding. I liked his TV shows. He had this over-the-top yet understated humor that was hilarious yet cut to the heart. It was great.

Moore claims on his web site that he makes documentaries, works of non-fiction, “so that all the little lies can be exposed and the public informed.” What a noble goal. But what a load of crap. Bowling for Columbine wasn’t exactly about exposing lies and informing the public. It was about twisting the truth to make a point, as a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece argues, and some random guy on the net has gone to great lengths to point out (label the random guy on the net a nut if you like, but he’s got his facts in order).

One of the most inaccurate scenes is when Moore opens a checking account in a Michigan bank and walks out an hour later with a free gun. Makes us look like a gun-totin’ society, doesn’t it? Too bad it took a month of negotiations between Moore’s studio and the bank to pull off that scene. Normally there’s a seven to ten day waiting period.

When confronted about inaccuracies in his lasted book, Stupid White Men, Moore replied that it was a book of political humor and that he didn’t respond to it. “Why should I?” he asked, “How can there be inaccuracy in comedy?”

Moore is all about exposing something, but it isn’t the truth. Maybe he should have called his book Stupid White Man.

I think what’s most upsetting to me is that Moore has to stoop to such levels. If you’re truly right about something, you shouldn’t have to stoop to deception to make your point. Give your opponent the benefit of the doubt and tackle their best possible position. Don’t pick away at stupid arguments with half truths and falsities. Is this world unfair? Yes it is. But adding to the lies doesn’t help anyone. Tell the truth, the actual truth, and it will set you free. Otherwise you’re just spewing rhetoric just like everyone you argue with.

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