Article Round Up

I Think I’m a Communist – Interesting article from Relevant Magazine covering some thoughts I’ve always harbored about communism and the early church. The comments that follow the article are interesting as well.

My So Called Rights – Another good Relevant article about how, as Christians, we forsake all rights to follow Christ. Especially interesting in light of war. Lately I’ve been justifying war as a defense of our basic human rights. I think this article would imply that Christians give up their basic human rights. Not exactly something we American Christians like to think about.

And in other news, animals are now fighting the war for us. Well, not really, but it’s interesting to see the different animals that are being employed to help keep soldiers safe. Dolphins are hunting for landmines, seal lions are keeping a lookout and then cuffing divers, and pigeons are playing the role of the proverbial canary and alerting troops of chemical weapon attacks. There’s even a report of monkeys who can disarm mines. It’s a nice deal when the animals can face danger and keep us safe, and for the most part (who needs pigeons?), the animals aren’t hurt either. I suppose PETA isn’t happy about it. Pray for Mojo.

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