More War Coverage

In the midst of war I’m finding myself drawn to coverage, any coverage, like an addict. Today I discovered a war blog that collects war news from sources all over the world. They post them as quick news bytes with no muckety-muck or politics. Just the facts. They update multiple times an hour, sometimes every few minutes. And they often beat CNN, Fox and others with the coverage and often cover stories the major outlets never cover. I can’t imagine who has the time to do that, but I find myself having to fight the urge to discover the latest.

It’s worse when I get home and the TV’s on. I love hearing live updates from Ted Kopel in Iraq. The guy is such a seasoned pro and old goof, I love it. I’m partially horrified and partially drawn to the coverage, and it’s a bit disturbing.

In addition to the news updates, there’s also soldiers blogging. More coverage from more points of view. It’s information overload. But I crave it.

A word on peace:

“We have our peace movements, and all we want is peace-abroad and at home. But if by peace we mean appeasing tyranny, compromising with gangsters and being silent because we haven’t the moral fortitude to speak out against injustice, then this is not real peace. It is a false peace. It is a farce and it is a hoax.”
–Billy Graham (from The Quotable Billy Graham)

And if you really need a break from the serious war coverage, head over to the Onion.

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