Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time for … Link-o-Rama!

I’ve been collecting all sorts of random links this week, and now it’s time to share. On your marks, get set, click!

Demotivators – This one was passed around the office with a knowing chuckle today. It’s the latest in corporate demotivating merchandise. If Dilbert had a motivational calendar on his cube wall, this would be it.

Happy Tree Friends – If you thought SouthPark was bad, you haven’t seen anything. Happy Tree Friends is a flash cartoon that features nauseatingly cute little forest creatures being maimed and slaughtered in truly disgusting style. They’ve even got a DVD available at Best Buy. It’s sick, twisted and morbid, but worth watching. Once.

Dear Raed – I haven’t determined exactly who this is or what it’s called, but it appears to be a blog written by a Baghdad citizen. There’s been some journalistic discussion as to whether or not it’s legit, but it appears to be. If not, it’s some darn good reading anyway. It’s an interesting view of the war from the inside.

The New Wave of War Protesters – An article from Relevant magazine comparing half-baked and quasi-committed protesters to Sunday morning Christians who compartmentalize God. Challenging words.

Q&A w/ “Keeping Faith” Co-Author Frank Schaeffer – An intellectual father and his son write a book about their relationship after the son joined the Marines. This is a chat with the father and provides an interesting commentary on military service, protests, and the working class volunteer army.

Random craptacular web sites – Need I say more? The link generates random homepages from AT&T users. Craptacular, craptacular.

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