Traveling Traveling

Three weeks ago I was in Chicago. Two weeks ago I was in Detroit. Last week I was in Kansas. This week I’m in Detroit. Next week I’ll be in Minneapolis. I’ve crossed state lines 16 times in 14 days, and I’ll cross four more next week.

So I’ve been kind of busy.

I’m some kind of traveling road tramp. Maybe I’ll come visit your state. In all that traveling I have noticed a few things (aren’t I always “noticing” things). Iowa and Indiana tie for best state motto’s: “You make me smile,” and “The Crossroads of America,” respectively. We must make them smile because we actually came to (or through) their state. And the crossroads of America? There’s a good tourist campaign waiting to happen.

But if I seem a little harsh, never fear, my own state probably has the worst slogan that greets you as you cross the state line: “Michigan – Great Lakes, Great Times.” It’s about as creative as their last slogan, “Yes Michigan.” But enough cynical bashing of state motto’s.

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