Where Have You Gone Today?

Where have you gone today? Out to play, again? Why are you so wrapped up in your own little world? Every time I turn around that’s where you are. I thought you had better things to do. I thought you wanted to do something, be somebody. I thought you dreamed of changing the world. But look what you’ve become. True, you’re not there yet, but you’re on the road that leads to destruction. You’re turning in to what you hate. You try so hard to erase the hypocritical lies that plague society like poisoned pixie dust–and there you go, falling for the same trap. You judge and sentence them with one quick glance, convicting all with your mighty gaze. Just when will you look in the mirror? Lost in your days of pleasure, just not too sure of what’s going on. You can’t fix anything until it’s too late, so don’t start just yet. I have no qualms with what you’re doing, it’s what you’re not doing that bothers me so. Read a chapter from your own book–or make it simple and read one from mine. Perhaps you shouldn’t be reserving your harsh words and harsh thoughts everyone else. You say you want to change the world, well you better start with yourself.

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