The Zoo with Preschoolers and a Gen X Movie

So here I sit in front of the TV again. With you. It’s been an extremely lazy day. A typical summer day that I’ve missed so far. Doing nothing. Believe it or not, I can’t stand it. I need something to do. Man is a strange creature. Half the time we want to get our work done so we don’t have anything to do, but once we have nothing to do, we’re bored and have to find something more to do. Oh the joys of life.

I went to the zoo today with a bus load of preschoolers. If today were a normal day, I’d have some intelligent comments to make, some observations, and something you can take home with you. But today’s not a normal day. It’s my lazy summer day, and thinking is not allowed.

Another Gen X movie that makes me question what’s purist and what’s simply commercial drivel. I myself am probably slightly on the purist end of things–so I’ve been told from the more normal minded. But is it simply a story about finding yourself in life, just to make a buck, or is there actually more to it than that. Somehow I walk away wondering where I am in it all. This is a movie of my generation. But why do I feel like I’m standing on the edge asking why? Feeling like I don’t belong. Perhaps I don’t. I don’t think that’s quite what it’s all about. But that’s another purist tirade that probably just misses the point.

School starts in two weeks. Maybe the intelligence will return then. Then again, maybe not.

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