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We Installed a Picket Fence

The New Picket FenceLast weekend my father-in-law and I installed a picket fence. Well, maybe I should say he installed it and I helped. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing with projects like that, and he definitely does. But I do have the blister to prove I did my share.

The fence looks pretty amazing. Sure beats chicken wire.

It’s really small, basically one 26-foot section and two short sections (5 and 7 feet). Not a lot of fence, but just enough to close in the yard and be a lot of work. What’s a lot of work? Well, there was a lot of concrete buried in the back yard. Then we hit what I can only assume was the foundation to an old garage.

And let’s just say that me and manual labor don’t go well together. I work with my mind, not my hands, and it shows. Working with my hands more might be good for me, but I’m definitely not good at it.