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Blog Housekeeping

I’ve been doing a bit of blog housekeeping around here lately. Among the things you may have noticed:

Daily Digest of Twitter Feeds
For a few days I was testing a tool to import my Twitter posts into my blog. It posted them once a day as a daily digest of everything I’d said on Twitter. After four days it seemed like too much. Too often and too out of context, so I just disabled it. For now we’ll stick with my most recent Twitter posts in the sidebar.

I liked the idea of having my Twitter posts archived, but I’m just not convinced this was a good approach. I think it would work better as a separate blog and then it’s really only good for a private archive, so I’m not sure anyone else would care.

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Blog Archives Now Complete

It only took four and a half years, but my blog archives are now complete. All 2,370 entries going back to Dec. 5, 1998 are now available right here. No more going back to the hand-coded pages on the utterly defunct (may it rest in peace).

It’s kind of weird reading blog entries from nine years ago. Back then I didn’t even know what the word ‘blog’ meant.

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Monkey Outta Nowhere Rebooted

In an attempt to communicate better about myself I’ve redesigned the Monkey Outta Nowhere site. I’ve also merged the Monkey Outta Nowhere blog with my personal blog because really, I am the company. If it’s hard for me to keep up a company blog, how hard must it be for anybody to actually read it? It’s bad enough that I have my fingers in 20+ blogs, so maybe it’s time to condense and simplify.

I’m highlighting the Company News and Monkey News on the homepage, which keeps the business clients from having to read my ramblings about my daughter or my dogs. I’m also running headlines in the sidebar so they can learn about my dogs if they like, as well as headlines a few other blogs I oversee.

I doubt it’s a final solution and I’ll probably have bugs to fix and things to tweak, but for now, here it is. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully this is a step towards making it easier to update my site.

Site Revamp

The Monkey Outta Nowhere site has been scaled back, revamped and improved. Rather than running the blog at full speed to cover every quasi-interesting update, we’ll focus on official Monkey Outta Nowhere business only. The random time-wasting content will be redirected to the personal blog of our Head Monkey, Kevin D. Hendricks. But never fear, we’ll continue with the incredibly insightful Monkey News, as well as other company info.