Blog Housekeeping

I’ve been doing a bit of blog housekeeping around here lately. Among the things you may have noticed:

Daily Digest of Twitter Feeds
For a few days I was testing a tool to import my Twitter posts into my blog. It posted them once a day as a daily digest of everything I’d said on Twitter. After four days it seemed like too much. Too often and too out of context, so I just disabled it. For now we’ll stick with my most recent Twitter posts in the sidebar.

I liked the idea of having my Twitter posts archived, but I’m just not convinced this was a good approach. I think it would work better as a separate blog and then it’s really only good for a private archive, so I’m not sure anyone else would care.

High Calling Blog Network
I also joined the High Calling Blog Network. I’m not sure what this gets me, and I don’t think they’re sure what it gets them either, but we’re all trying this little experiment together. Regular readers of my blog (hi mom) will probably only notice their banner at the bottom of my sidebar.

Featured Swag
You may also notice at the top of my sidebar is a silly T-shirt. This is another experiment. Basically I like goofy T-shirts and I sell a few of them through Cafepress. When I say a few, I mean that quite literally (fewer than five in five years, and I bought two of them). More than anything I like the idea of designing silly T-shirts (who doesn’t?) and if anyone wants to buy a silly T-shirt, hey that’s cool. Of course I’ll probably get tired of this in a month or two, so enjoy it while it lasts.

New Search
I’m also trying a new search feature: Lijit. I’m not sure what I think of it yet, but I guess the bonus is that it lets you search my other various online enterprises (Billyspot, Start Seeing Art, etc.). I guess that’s helpful. We’ll see if it sticks around in a month or two.

4 thoughts on “Blog Housekeeping”

  1. Hi Kevin, glad to see you’re testing out Lijit and vying for some user feedback. Always a good choice! Ironically, High Calling Blog Network ( is also using Lijit.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions about your search, I would be happy to help. Cheers! gboyle at lijit dot com

  2. Hey Grace, I see you’re keeping up the persistent and personal approach.

    That’s the only reason I tried Lijit–because Grace e-mailed me persistently and personally. And it’s not so ironic High Calling is using Lijit–I noticed they were using it and it further convinced me that the service was, well, legit. I’d call it convenient.

  3. I will really value your input on Lijit. Copy Blogger uses it too.

    If you like, you can add network search to your lijit returns that will sync with the network.

    It’s something we planned to push with network bloggers in fall 2008, but we never quite implemented it fully.

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