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Your dog isn’t the problem. You are!

And tomorrow brings more productiveness, scattered with moments of puppy watching. Today felt more productive than yesterday, thanks to Speak’s willingness to lay down and nap. The walk to the park and run through the field probably helped. It’s like I’m raising a freaking child and plotting to wear the kid out so I can have a few minutes of sanity.

Owning a dog is bringing about some disturbing behavior. I now have all manner of voices to speak to Speak in, ranging from excited reward voice to cajoling command voice. They all sound incredibly stupid. On the plus side, a dog is a good excuse for all behavior that would appear completely abnormal if you were by yourself. Making up songs and speaking in strange voices is completely acceptable, though stupid looking, if there’s a dog in the vicinity. With no dog you’re booking yourself a trip to the loony bin.

Um, take a walk. Sniff that other dog’s butt. See? He does exactly what I tell him.

Day three with Speak the Mighty. Potty training is coming along, though there are the usual hiccups (note to self: don’t get Speak excited while sitting on the couch). Hopefully the cute puppy pictures will slow down a bit. I really can’t help myself at this point. What can I say, the camera loves him.

[cute puppy pictures moved to Spacebar, Speak’s blog]

I almost had the boy eating dog food!

An unwritten prenuptial in my marriage involved getting a dog at some point. After two and a half years, we now have a dog. Say hello to Speak the Mighty. He’s a little over two months old, and is a Poodle/Pekinese mix. At this point he fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and is little more than a ball of fur. I’ve yet to hear him bark, though he whimpered quite a bit during the ride home.

True to the rules I set down about what kind of a dog we could get, Speak is not able to eat me. I don’t think there’s much he could eat. In fact, the stray cat we’ve seen around our house could definitely take Speak. If he doesn’t lick them to death.

And thus we’ve become dog owners. I hereby promise, before God and you readers, to never dress Speak in a dopey dog sweater or treat him as our first born. Yikes. What am I getting myself into?

Snowball II

Last night we had a visitor to our back porch. We looked up from watching a movie to see a gray and white cat sitting at the screen door. We paused the DVD and went to the door. The cat freaked out and backed off, walking with this strange convulsive dipping motion. Wary, the cat backed off onto our deck, but slowly came back as I opened the screen door. Abby went to get a dish of water, and while I crouched next to the partially open door, the cat actually tried to waltz right in. When I would move or approach it, the cat would take off warily. But when I just sat there the cat wanted to come in, and I actually had to push it back.

Unfortunately the cat took off when we tried to come out onto the deck with it. But I’m hoping the cat will be back. I’d love to have a stray outdoor pet. One way or another I’ll get a cat.

Of course that will last until we get a dog.

Fox in the Parking Lot

I saw a fox today, trotting behind the parking lot of my apartment. It was orange with the bushy tail, just like you see in wildlife postcards. I never imagined there would be a predator that size in the city. It’s not like it’s big or anything, but it’s something to keep the rodent population in check (one of which decided the corner of my office would be a good place to spend the evening).

I lost my cat tonight.

I got a cat tonight. For about ten minutes. My wife and I went for a walk and we stumbled upon this black cat. We kept walking and the cat started following us. It followed us for four or five blocks and around three corners. I named it El Gato and it was our cat. Then a dog sitting in a window started barking at El Gato, and El Gato decided to stare the dog down. We kept walking and El Gato never caught up. I lost my cat tonight. I’m very sad.

Trip to the Zoo

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! I find it rather odd that a trip to the zoo in almost any city will yield such wildlife. I just don’t think a giraffe would want to live in Minnesota. And isn’t San Diego a crappy place for a Polar Bear? I went to the zoo today, and for once I was able to appreciate the animals. The grace and poise of the tiger. The agility of the snow leopard. The brute force and human-like qualities of the gorilla. And the giraffe

Rabbits Stay Put

Have you ever noticed that if the rabbits just stayed put, you’d never know they were there? Instead they jump when you pass by, scamper off a few yards and pause again. They’ve completely given themselves away and now you know where they are. But they just sit there, starring at you. If they had never moved in the first place you wouldn’t have even seen them.

(I wish that was a metaphor for something, but I haven’t figured it out yet)