There’s nary an animal alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman

The stray cat visited again tonight, and she’s a beast. We were sitting on the deck with Speak and there she was in the middle of the yard. While hunched down her back end looked twice as wide as her front end. But it wasn’t fat. As she approached we could tell she was lean, just enormous. She had the build of a bobcat, and I wonder if that’s just coincidence, or if this is really a hardened stray cat. She wasn’t afraid of us, and definitely wasn’t afraid of Speak. Speak was going nuts.

The cat wandered around the yard for a while, climbed under the deck and explored the garage. We didn’t exactly shoo the cat away, but we didn’t really encourage her either. At one point I tried to pet the cat, and she arched her back, trying to push herself into my hand. Then she stood up on her back legs, half jumping into the air, trying to get me to pet her. I’ve never seen a cat do that.

After some more wandering, the cat left the way she came.

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