2020 political mailers

Political Scare Postcards

It’s an election year, so the political mailers are coming fast and furious. You know it’s bad when you can’t tell the difference between the Republican and Democrat scare mailers.

What’s a scare mailer?

The ones with manipulated photos, misleading attacks, charged language, and not a damn positive thing to say.

Here are five mailers I’ve received. Four from the Republican Party of Minnesota and one from the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor State Committee.

2020 political mailers

They all use the same tactics. I received another one today from the DFL that went cartoony over Tyler Kistner (bad timing since that race just got pushed back to a special election in February due to the death of one of the candidates).

These are all over-the-top, fear-inducing propaganda messages.

I’m not the only one who’s noticed. Minnesota Senator Matt Little has annotated the scare mailers about him but also denounced the scare mailers about his opponent.

Don’t waste my time bashing the other side. Tell me what you’re for.

It’s kind of a little thing called better politics.

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