West St. Paul Day at the Capitol with Rick Hansen and Matt Klein

2018 Minnesota House 52A: Rick Hansen

Control of the Minnesota House is at stake this year, which could mean movement on issues such as gun safety, sexual misconduct, and the environment. In District 52A, I’ll be voting for Rick Hansen.

District 52A is West St. Paul, Mendota, Lilydale, and the northern part of South St. Paul.

I live in 52A and will be focusing on that race, though it’s not much of a race. 52B, on the other hand, is pretty tight. It was decided in 2016 by 121 votes. I think challenger Ruth Richardson will be a strong voice in that seat.

For 52A

Rick Hansen has served as a state representative since 2004. He’s incredibly committed to supporting the environment, and that’s something we need to see more of, especially in this age climate change deniers (or shruggers). Hansen also wants to shine a light on government and has been a harsh critic of giant, late-night bills no one has time to read:

“Late tonight, with a mere day left in session, we finally got a look at the 989 page omnibus budget bill the Republicans put forward. Now, in the dark of night, when no one is watching, we’ll be expected to vote on this massive bill without any public input.” (Source)

Beth Arntson has worked in human resources in state agencies for 35 years. Before the campaign season kicked off, the most I could find out about her was this castle she tried to build with her husband.

Strictly on the issues, this is a pretty clear cut choice. I agree with Hansen on vastly more issues.

But beyond issues, I’ve interacted with Hansen and seen him around town a lot. He’s approachable and very knowledgable. I’ve seen Hansen show up at city council meetings and explain the legislative process and how it can help (or hinder) our city.

I’ll be voting for Rick Hansen (and I wish I could vote for Ruth Richardson, but I can’t).

Vote November 6

There’s my take. Do your own research and be sure to vote on November 6 (or earlier).

For more info, check out the Town Square TV candidate forum with Minnesota house candidates for 52A, 52B, and 54A, as well as the South West Review interview with 52A candidates.

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