Give to the Max: West St. Paul Nonprofits

West St. Paul Nonprofits You Can Support: Let’s Do Some Good

This election has been a little crazy-making. But no matter who wins, life goes on. Great things will continue to happen in our community, and we should support them. So let’s talk about West St. Paul nonprofits.

I’ve been especially vocal about some local races here in West St. Paul, so in the interest of supporting local community, I want to encourage people to support some West St. Paul nonprofits.

Nov. 17 is Give to the Max Day, where donations can be multiplied with all kinds of incentives and matching gifts. It’s a great opportunity to rally together to support nonprofits, and you don’t even have to wait until Nov. 17—every donation between now and then will count toward Give to the Max Day.

So let’s support local organizations that work to make our community a better place.

I’ve listed every West St. Paul nonprofit I could find and a few that work just across the border. But I’m sure I missed some. I’ve linked to their official sites for more information, and to their Give to the Max page.

I encourage you to check out these West St. Paul nonprofits, find one you support and donate.

Let’s do some local good!

West St. Paul Nonprofits

Nonprofits Nearby

Schools in West St. Paul

Nearby Schools

Places of Worship in West St. Paul


  • Some groups have Give to the Max pages and some don’t. Some also have generic pages that haven’t been updated. It’s my understanding that you can still donate to a generic page and it will get to the nonprofit. If you’re unsure, you can always donate directly to the nonprofit.
  • “Nearby” is intentionally nebulous. I’ve got to draw the line somewhere, so I did. If you think there’s a “nearby” nonprofit worth including, let me know, but I make no promises.
  • Full disclosure: My wife works for West Side Summit Charter School and in the past I have done contract work for them (but not currently).

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