Turned on the Heat 2012

We finally turned on the heat this morning. We’ve had a pretty erratic fall, going from high 70s and shorts weather to 50s fall weather and then back up to 80s and then down to the 40s. Seems like every weekend has been a different season (so far the pattern has been summer, fall, summer, winter). We went through one morning of it being only 59 degrees in the house, but when it happened again this morning it was time to cave. Plus Lexi, the impervious to the cold child, was complaining. And that’s when the whole ‘how long can we wait before turning on the heat’ game turns into guilt.

In terms of how long we waited, this year was pretty average. Though the internal temp was the lowest in seven years, so that’s something. I guess. (Assuming tracking when you turn on the heat is something.)

Here’s how this year stands up:

2 thoughts on “Turned on the Heat 2012”

  1. Maybe I’m just weird, but this might just be my favorite feature on this blog. It could be because I’ve lived in Tennessee for the past 13 years and I’m sick of temperatures in the 80s – it’s kind of nice living vicariously through the Minnesota experience, since we probably won’t turn our heat on until November or even later.

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