New Book from J.K. Rowling

Five years after the release of the final Harry Potter novel (has it been that long?!), J.K. Rowling is releasing her next book, The Casual Vacancy, today. It’s not a kid’s book, as every review seems to point out with quotes about balls and vaginas (gasp!).

The New Yorker has a lengthy piece about Rowling that’s part bio and part review. It’s fascinating, especially reading about her incredible rise from welfare-recipient to near-billionaire author (almost there: the piece says she’s worth $900 million).

Of course The Casual Vacancy will be a best seller (it’s already #1 on Amazon). But the real question is if it will be any good.

I kind of hope it’s horrible. There’s something encouraging about someone so successful sitting down to dream it all up again and failing miserably. I’m probably not the only one with a bad case of schadenfreude. Though for what it’s worth I’d love to see her come back from a failed comeback (!) with a real winner and put us all to shame.

Of course it’d be that much better if The Casual Vacancy was amazing. Dreaming it all up again worked wonders for U2, delivering us the masterpiece of Achtung Baby. I don’t have those kind of expectations though. I have a hard time imagining Rowling’s voice in anything but a magical children’s novel. But I’ve love to be proved wrong.

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  1. I kind of want to read it just to find out. But I will probably wait a while.

    Just FYI, Rowling had more than a billion for a while. She has given away a pretty significant amount and pledged to give away more. So far her primary charities are poverty (especially single mothers) and research into Multiple sclerosis (which her mother died from.)

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