Mohawk for Charity

I’m now rocking a mohawk and a soulpatch for charity: water. Christopher Turner had the winning ( and only) donation in my ill-advised Haircut for Charity campaign. Some folks commented that sacrificing my hair for charity is kind of played out. Probably. But it’s still fun. And we gave people some clean water.

So $100 for charity: water, clean water for more people and a new ‘do for me. Everybody wins.

My wife hates it. I kinda like it.

You can donate here to support my charity: water campaign and help build a well in Ethiopia. So far we’ve raised $1,914. You can help us get to $5,000. Thanks!

Get a Haircut, Hippie!

Mohawk & Soulpatch for Charity

Oh, and this is the first time in at least three years that I’ve had a real haircut.

2 thoughts on “Mohawk for Charity”

  1. Abby, I was trying to go dorky, thus insisting on facial hair going (except for a soul patch: my thinking was that what’s going to look dorkier but a soul patch with a mohawk?).

    Soul patch notwithstanding, it’s actually not bad at all.

    Next time, I should go with something like an Iroquois top-knot or something…

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