Father’s Day in the Pioneer Press

Pioneer Press photo by Chris Polydoroff
Pioneer Press photo by Chris Polydoroff

I woke up to seeing myself in the Pioneer Press this morning as a part of a Father’s Day feature, Tweet Dad: West St. Paul father writes about his kids’ lives 140 characters at a time.

OK, not really.

I actually woke up to Milo storming into our bedroom at 5:45. We graduated Milo to a real bed last night and are now very appreciative of the cage-like qualities of a crib.

But after that I saw the incredible Pioneer Press feature on my book, Addition by Adoption: Kids, Causes & 140 Characters, complete with a little photo gallery and lots of details about my life as a twittering dad. I love that they mentioned my blogging history going back to 1998—and my comment that it was really bad back then (it was). I’m glad they included our latest addition at the very end. And I can’t quite pick a favorite picture—our kitchen dance party with Lexi in her ballerina, the fact that Milo in sporting his Red Wings shirt, or the five of us—dogs included—piled around the laptop (a rare moment indeed). But my favorite part about the story is that I didn’t say anything stupid to the reporter.

If you’re checking out my site for the first time, thanks for stopping by:

And a bigtime thanks to everyone who makes this stuff happen. I should specifically mention TriLion Studios and Ronald Cox, who volunteered to do the book’s cover and layout respectively, and the Pioneer Press for doing such a great story.

Thanks and happy Father’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Father’s Day in the Pioneer Press”

  1. Hi Kevin

    Saw your positive press–congratulations! You’ll build a new well in no time.

    Would you consider writing a guest blog post for Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc.? We’re always looking for new voices, dads in particular.

    Happy Father’s Day.


  2. I half expected to see 500 comments when visiting your blog after the big Father’s Day splash. My naivete – strikes again. First , wow – first I am so impressed with the Pioneer Press when it comes to these kinds of features on Father’s Day, etc. And this was so cutting edge new dad era – loved it. Second, rock on Kevin Hendricks. You are an inspiration. I have a small biz that could use some copy boosting and correct blogging help so I may be in touch. Kudos! Julie

  3. Thanks Paige, I e-mailed you yesterday so we can connect.

    And Julie, yeah it’s easy to overestimate the impact of press. I’m actually seeing more response in person and on Facebook/Twitter than here on my blog. But we’ll happily take whatever we can get. Definitely drop me a line if you need some writing help. Thanks!

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