1.2 Million Child Prostitutes in India

There are believed to be 1.2 million children in India trapped in prostitution and sexual exploitation. Those kinds of numbers are just sad. Human trafficking is one of the injustices in the world today that makes your heart ache. How could something like this be happening? How could one person do this to another? Apparently 100 million people in India are involved in doing this to other people. Ouch.

And if you think that’s a problem for halfway around the world, human trafficking is in your own backyard. In 2007 authorities busted eight human trafficking brothels across the Twin Cities. One bust happened less than a mile from my house.

You can fight human trafficking by supporting organizations like the International Justice Mission. As sad as these stories are, they don’t have to be the final word.

2 thoughts on “1.2 Million Child Prostitutes in India”

  1. The horrible lifestyles as exists in India can and does happen to any country when there is no integrity in the ruling government. It is wonderful for people to give the help that is needed, but it is more important for the government to make sure that their low paid employees are more properly looked after. India is just another country with an economy destroying conglomeration. It is another one of those countries with the poverty creating tax that has encased most/all of the countries of the world today. It can be cured by the actions of politicans with integrity, intelligence and courage

  2. By the way, when any person starts to quote sections of the Bible, I hope the go to that portion of “Mathews” and read it through and understand what it means, I am sure it will put a different complex on your thinking of world problems.

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