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Patched JeansA few weeks ago I realized that every single pair of jeans I own had ripped knees. And I’m not talking about the cool, threadbare spot at the knee that’s soft, comfortable and somehow stylish. I’m talking about gashes that stretch across the knee and rip even farther every time you bend down to tie your shoe.

Since I’m a cheapskate, buying new jeans wasn’t an option (yet). I decided it was time to patch my jeans.

So I did. I went through my wife’s pile of scraps and found a fun pattern. A little flowery, but still cool and manly. I slapped it on my jeans, did my best Frankenstein stitching, and voila! My jeans are ready to go another six months.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. My jeans are good to go and contrary to popular belief my manliness is still mostly intact.

2 thoughts on “If This Were a Craft Blog”

  1. Ha! Well I was debating on if I should add you blog to my favorites…if I found it that interesting then I spied this post and it was the clencher. First of your wife rocks in her choice of fabric. I recognize that scrap from some I bought at the walmart dollar bin right before I headed out to Kosova…the bummer is it that is sitting in the states in storage. Good job being crafty…well for a guy anyway…ha! Actually also I noticed you church marketing sucks website too! Awesome! Keep on!

  2. Glad my sudden bout of craftiness could put my blog over the top. ;-) Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

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