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Musician, blogger and Compassion advocate Shaun Groves is in India right on another Compassion bloggers tour. These are pretty incredible trips (they did Uganda last year and the Dominican Republic last fall) and admittedly hard to read.

This morning I checked in on his blog and came across this post about leftovers. It turns out to be the same pitch he gave at a concert in Minnesota a couple weeks back that I happened to attend (which is great, because now it’s in writing, not just in my head). It’s a powerful statement on how God provides for us, but he only wants us to take what we need for each day. It’s an Old Testament rule that Paul repeats in the New Testament: Share your leftovers so everybody can have enough.

In America, it seems, we’re gorging ourselves on leftovers while the rest of the world starves. Using this idea of leftovers, Shaun challenges people to sponsor children through Compassion using their leftovers. And there are tons of other ways to do it. That’s part of why I keep doing these ‘you can change your world’ posts.

It’s easier than you think to change the world.

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  1. This post reminds me of a true story…Gladys Aylward was a missionary to China (from 1930-1970) and had adopted a little girl. One day that little girl came home and asked her mother, “Mother, can I eat a little less at dinner tonight?” “Yes” her mother eplied. “And Mother” can you eat a little less at dinner tonight too?” the child continued to ask. “Well yes, but why do you ask?” Gladys questioned confused. “Well I found a little boy in the street who has no one and I thought that if we put our lesses together it would be enough for him to eat too.” And so entered a brother into their makeshift family who was appropiately named “Less”.

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