Protest Photos & Flickr Stats

On Tuesday last week I posted 345 photos from the peaceful RNC protest in St. Paul to my Flickr account. My traffic skyrocketed, as you can see.

I always think traffic stats are fascinating. My photo views went from an average of around 300 per day to 5,335 views on Tuesday. On Wednesday they were still pretty high at 2,487, but by Thursday they went into the basement with 80. Oops. So much for increasing my audience after a spike.

Though Friday and Saturday they were relatively high again (over 1,000), so I guess we’ll see (helped along by the fact that I posted a few more protester pics I’d overlooked, as well as a pile of other photos).

Not that these stats mean much of anything practically. I’ve noted before that my most popular photo isn’t even a photo.

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