10,000 Flickr Photos

So this weekend my Flickr account surged past the 10,000 photo mark. Yes, I’m addicted. Currently I have a total of 10,098 photos that have been viewed 127,872 times.

  • 4,018 of those photos feature my daughter.
  • 1,880 feature art.
  • 1,133 feature my wife.
  • 914 feature me.
  • The most popular all time picture is The Wife Who Needed Spanking, which isn’t technically a picture (it’s a scan of an old newspaper and proof that the Internet is full of sickos—then again, I posted it).
  • The photo with the most comments (6, I don’t get many comments) is also not a photo, it’s a scan of a newsletter. After that it’s a tie for 1970s in-laws and the reviled Spruce Tree Building.
  • 1,476 of my photos have never been viewed (at least “viewed” as Flickr counts it).

Yay for online photos.

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