Famine in Ethiopia. Again.

It breaks my heart to hear the stories of starving children in Ethiopia. Thanks to drought, failed crops and rising food prices, Ethiopia faces a return to the 1984-85 famine that killed more than one million people. The Big Picture blog has stunning pictures.

  • 4.5 million children are threatened with starvation.
  • 75,000 children are currently suffering from severe malnutrition and need urgent care.
  • 3.4 million Ethiopians will need food aid in the next three months.
  • 6.8 million Ethiopians are at risk for malnutrition. (all stats via Telegraph)

Though the Ethiopian government says it’s an exaggeration.

Bob Gedolf, who organized Live Aid in 1985 to respond to the Ethiopian famines, has returned to Ethiopia:

Asked about the phenomenon of “compassion fatigue” and why the West should still care about a dirt-poor country seemingly incapable of helping itself, Geldof replied: “Yes, I’m sick of it myself.

“I’m sick of looking in the mirror at this mournful, lugubrious face. I’m worn out. I don’t know how to describe five million starving children any more.”

If you want to help you can donate to UNICEF’s work in Ethiopia. For more, you can read a Q&A with an Oxfam worker.

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