Gas Price Hysteria

Gas prices keep going up and our friend Steve over at Knightopia gives us the Top 25 Ways to Save at the Pump, a collection of fuel efficient practices culled from the web.

Of course Steve forgot one: Park your SUV.

How about a ground rule for these days of sky-high gas prices? No complaining about the prices unless you’ve actively tried doing something to lower your gas usage. Tonight on ABC World News Tonight they interviewed a woman who was really mad about the rising gas prices, but when asked if she’d give up her Lexus SUV you said no way. Get a grip.

The U.S. uses more gas than any other country (25 barrels of oil per year per person, vs. 10 in the UK) and it’s about time we started paying for it. A little conservation and efficiency never hurt anyone.

3 thoughts on “Gas Price Hysteria”

  1. I blogged a bit about this back in May (when prices were bad, but look great now) when I overheard some older ladies discussing. They basically said, “If I’m willing to pay for the gas, what does it matter how much I drive or WHAT I drive.” Honestly, I felt like strangling her into an early grave. SUVs are unnecessary and trendy. At least most people with Vans, Mini-vans, and Pickups are usually driving them because they need them (though pickups are sometimes just driven for a “tough” image). Who REALLY needs and SUV?

    Europeans and Brits have somehow gotten by for years and much smaller cars than we are used to driving, mostly because their gas was much pricier. Maybe we’ll get a clue now. But given the current trend, I doubt it. No one is slowing down their gas useage, despite the hike in prices.

  2. A new poll said that 55% of people will now reconsider/get a more fuel efficient car when they purchase in the future. And the poll said this was especially true of SUV users. Go figure.

  3. I wouldn’t “give up” my car either. But if someone offered me an even trade for a car that was just as nice as my current one, but more fuel efficient, of course I’d take it.

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