89.3 The Current Playing More Repeats

OK, enough politics.

Apparently my favorite radio station, 89.3 FM The Current—which extols listeners to “expand their playlist”—is shrinking their playlist according to City Pages. With falling ratings songs are getting played more often. In March 2007 one song was played 17 times in one week, while in late 2005 a single song was never played more than two or three times.

What City Pages doesn’t report is how often other stations repeat songs. Cities 97 has been repeating the same songs for as long as I’ve listened, which is close to 10 years. When I do happen to listen I’ll hear songs they over-played a decade ago, and they’re still doing it. (I will say that the Current totally overplayed “Knights” by Minus the Bear a few months back. The song was OK,  but now I hate it.)

It’s a little discouraging to see more repetition on the Current, but it’s not yet worth jumping ship. I hope the Current figures out what they’re doing. I love their eclectic mix of music. I’ve discovered more new bands that way (and went on to buy their CDs/downloads).

3 thoughts on “89.3 The Current Playing More Repeats”

  1. I’ve noticed this as well lately. It’s quite sad, actually. I’ve been a huge fan of the Current since it’s inception (I tuned in to hear the first broadcast as KCMP).

    I still listen from time to time when in my car (I just got an HD radio receiver – very cool), but while at my desk, I’ve transitioned to listening to Radio Paradise pretty much exclusively. I personally think that Bill, the RP DJ, has a much better ear for putting sets together than the Current DJs do. Give ‘er a listen when you have a chance.

  2. I agree Erik. Radio Paradise does put together a pretty good mix. I prefer to listen to The Current though. Maybe it’s because it’s local, or because of the DJ’s.

    I don’t know what it would do to the rating, but I’d love it, if instead of repeating the most popular Indie songs, The Current added more Classic, Folk and Blues music to the rotation.

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