Furnace Out in January

Our furnace went out last night. It was two degrees outside and 60 degrees in our living room when I went to bed. We brought Lexi upstairs to sleep with us.

This morning it’s one degree above zero outside and 50 degrees in our living room. The repair man can’t come until after 6:00 p.m.

Currently wearing three layers (Lexi has four) and eating breakfast with the heat of nine candles and the laptop. Trying to decide if we should build a fire, bake things, dance to They Might Be Giants, burn more candles and maybe run in place; Or if we should just pack it in and go somewhere.

Pros of leaving: While not all coffee shops have wifi, they all usually have heat.

Cons of leaving: Popsicle puppies.

Update: The heat is back on. 63 degrees never felt so good.

One thought on “Furnace Out in January”

  1. That stinks, man!

    You’re welcome to come down here to Charlotte, but we’re having a cold spell here ourselves — it’s only going to get up to 40 today! ;-)

    Seriously, be well, stay warm.

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