A Refrigerator Seems Silly When it’s Below Zero

It’s currently 11 degrees below zero. The expected high today is 2 degrees below zero. Wind chill could be -35 to -45.

So it struck me as odd this morning when I felt a rush of cold air from the fridge as I pulled out the milk and orange juice. It’s freezing outside. So we heat our homes. But then we need some things cold, so we use even more energy to refrigerate a box within that heated home. I could set my ice cream on the porch and do the same thing for free.

I understand all the ways a fridge is necessary and helpful, and I don’t have any better ideas. I’m just saying it’s kind of funny when you think about the contradictory efforts we go to for the sake of convenience.

2 thoughts on “A Refrigerator Seems Silly When it’s Below Zero”

  1. Libby’s aunt & uncle who live off the grid have a root cellar. Her parents tend to set a lot of leftovers on the porch in winter.

    How about using purified & flourinated water to flush your poop? I think it falls into the same category as the fridge thing.

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