Go See Juno

A little more than a month ago I asked if you could do a funny movie about adoption. The answer? You bet your sweet bippy.

We went to see Juno last night, the adoption-related movie penned by the former stripper and Minnesota native, Diablo Cody. And I can say that all my fears about the movie not living up to the hype were unfounded. It’s better than the hype.

It’s laugh out loud hilarious, it has a great story, it’s honest and it’s real. They don’t make many movies like this one. At times it felt like Napoleon Dynamite, except instead of being so funny because it was awkward and bizarre, it was just funny.

So in case I haven’t been clear yet, go see Juno.

2 thoughts on “Go See Juno”

  1. I heard that the dialog is a little too samey-samey. Like all the characters have the same witty way of talking. Did you find that to be true?

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