Cute Things Lexi Does

  • Along with sucking her thumb, putting her hand on her stomach is one of her new comfort measures. It’s come to the point that she doesn’t like wearing clothes that restrict access to her tummy. This has led to wearing footie pajamas to bed that are zipped up only halfway–to retain tummy access. The other night Abby struck a compromise and put Lexi in a T-shirt and half-zipped footie pajamas–allowing unfettered tummy access but also keeping her warm.
  • She recognizes the way to church and starts saying the names of her teacher and all her friends in Sunday School–whether we’re actually going to church or just happen to be going in the same general direction.
  • In Sunday School she’s apparently the official greeter, welcoming each kid into the class by name. The teacher has commented that this has proved helpful with some of the more shy kids.
  • One week at church her friend Zack showed up and both Lexi and Zach ran to each other with open arms. Then Zach and his older sister Hope held Lexi’s hands while the three walked down the stairs to Sunday School.
  • After receiving a blessing during communion Lexi always gives an enthusiastic, “Yeah!”
  • Says ‘Ethiopia’ at random. A few weeks ago I came down stairs to get her up from a nap and she was jumping up and down in her crib saying “Ethiopia!”
  • She anticipates when she’s in trouble and says what you’re going to tell her to do before you do it. Like when she’s supposed to be napping and is instead jumping up and down, as soon as you open the door she says, “Lay down?” When she starts twisting in her high chair and trying to stand up she says, “Turn around sit down.”

Wait, that last one isn’t very cute.

And just so you don’t think she’s an angel, she’s also perfected a nice, high-pitched scream for when she doesn’t get her way. Like the other night at Noodles when I took her leftover macaroni & cheese (“mac-cheese”( away so we could go and she just screamed. Until we were safely out of the restaurant and into the car when she promptly stopped.

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