Artsy Twin Cities Photo Group on Flickr

Going upI gave in and started the Artsy Twin Cities photo group on Flickr today, a group for public art in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area. I say ‘gave in’ because I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while and finally decided to just do it today. I’ve been surprised that nobody had started a group like this before (there’s a group graffiti and groups for local art museums, but nothing for art across the Twin Cities, and specifically public art).

Never endingThere’s just so much great public art in the Twin Cities and it’s so easy to completely ignore it. It’s also not always easy to find out what each piece is called and who the artist is. Sometimes you can find out fairly easily online, but not always. I’m hopeful that the group will help people stop and enjoy art.

Add this to my Como Park group and I’ve got a little local theme going. We’ll see how long I last before launching my Twin Cities Architecture group (OK, I lasted about five hours. But I blame the St. Paul Real Estate blog.)

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  1. Nice blog, now I have to put a link to your blog from my blog. I am very excited about your groups.

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