Steven Curtis Chapman’s Daughter Annoys Him Into Adopting

I love the story of Shaohannah’s Hope, a nonprofit adoption resource organization founded by Steven Curtis Chapman. It all started in 1997 when the Chapman’s 11-year-old daughter, Emily, went on a missions trip to Haiti. She connected with the children immediately and when the trip ended she didn’t want to go.

“Leave me here,” she said. “I want to stay.”

She brought her passion for children home and started trying to convince her parents to adopt. She bought books on adoption and pestered her parents with facts and notes urging them to adopt and laying on the guilt. Her campaign was downright annoying.

Two years later her parents finally relented and started the adoption process. In 2000 they adopted Shaohannah and have since adopted two more girls from China and founded Shaohannah’s Hope to provide support and resources to those adopting. (I liked the story so much I already blogged about it once for the Foursquare NextGen Summit ’07).

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